A Sunday afternoon storm has caused serious damage across the Hudson Valley.

On Sunday, July 9th, 2023 about 10 inches of rain fell in just one evening. According to Meteorologist Ben Noll, that's more rain than the Hudson Valley gets throughout the summer.

As you can see in the Tweet above, the amount of rain and how fast it fell caused utter chaos in parts of Orange County including West Point.

After the rain settled, West Point Military Academy took to social media to share good and bad news. The good news was, everyone including staff and cadets were safe and that on Tuesday, July 11th, West Point would be operating as normal.

The bad news? There is a ton of damage across the campus.

West Point Military Academy, Facebook
West Point Military Academy, Facebook

In a statement posted to social media Lt. Gen Steven W. Gilland, the U.S. Military Academy Superintendent, writes:

Our U.S. Army Garrison West Point team is working around the clock to restore capabilities that have been lost or reduced. They will be determining the scope of damage over the next few days. Our Army senior leaders are fully aware of our situation, as are the leaders of U.S. Army Installation Management Command and the Corps of Engineers. Balfour Beatty is steadfastly supporting as they respond to numerous requests for assistance and prioritize their efforts.

West Point Military Academy, Facebook
West Point Military Academy, Facebook

Thankfully, they are working quickly to get things back to normal. Lt. Gilland continued:

Leaders from USAA insurance have reached out to understand the scope of damage and are standing by to assist those covered by USAA. They are tracking the flooding of vehicles and personal effects in basements.

It looks as though efforts to rebuild the flood damage began on Tuesday morning, July 11th, 2023.

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