A product called "deadly", "immoral", and "discriminatory" by New York lawmakers could finally disappear from store shelves forever.

Governor Kathy Hochul is building support for her proposed ban of all flavored tobacco products in the state of New York. The ban highlights the specific dangers of menthol cigarettes, but would cover far more than just minty tobacco.

Sosiukin via Canva
Sosiukin via Canva

Proposed Menthol Ban in New York State

The action highlights marketing strategies from tobacco companies that "exploited flavored tobacco to attract young people and target members of the Black and Hispanic community", according to acting State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald. From the governor's office:

[the proposed] legislation will end the sale of all flavored tobacco products, such as menthol cigarettes, flavored cigars and cigarillos, and flavored smokeless tobacco

The ban is just the latest step by New York State to combat tobacco use by minors and members of minority communities, both of whom are specifically targeted with flavored products according to the governor's office.

The Continued Fight Against the Tobacco Industry in New York

Previous action includes the 2019 legislation that raised the legal age to purchase tobacco in New York to 21 years, as well as the ban of flavored vaping products and the removal of tobacco products from pharmacies in 2020.

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Tobacco by the Numbers in New York

In data that may surprise some, over a quarter of menthol smokers themselves supported a flavor ban. Studies also show that on average, over $177 million is spent by tobacco companies each year in New York State alone to market their products. While menthol cigarette users comprise 52% of the total population of smokers, 86% of Black smokers and 72% of Hispanic smokers use menthol products.

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