Here's a great opportunity for a new business to open up in Dutchess County.

There are a lot of businesses in the Hudson Valley, but there's also a lot of empty spaces that could be filled. I know many businesses had a tough time during/after COVID and many were forced to close their doors for good for multiple reasons.

I was in Fishkill the other night having a delicious dinner and on the way out I noticed there was an empty spot that's available to leave in the plaza I was in. It really would be a perfect spot for a new business to start out and make its mark in the community. I kept thinking, so why not bring some attention to the empty space?

Throughout the past few years, I've noticed that some businesses have started and some have left this plaza so it looks like it's a constantly evolving space.


Where is this empty space in Fishkill?

What empty space is open in Fishkill, NY?


The empty space is in Fishkill Plaze (obviously in Fishkill) and it has some big businesses in it like Shop Rite, Antonella's, Jade China and more. There's always a ton of people in the plaza and it's right off Route that goes without saying how active the area is and how this is a prime location for someone.

Is there anything you think Fishkill is really lacking?

Personally, I would love to see a Chick-fil-A, Moe's Southwest Grille,In-N-Out Burger (wishful thinking) or some kind of specialty coffee shop come into the plaza.

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Let us know your thoughts and what you think should come into the plaza on the station app.

We wish whatever business that does come in a very successful time and a big welcome to the area.

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