I had a great chance to get away this weekend, and celebrate a friend of mine's birthday. For dinner, we ended up going to this great brewery. In typical fashion, I got myself a margarita and a burger with sautéed mushrooms and onions to munch down on.

Immaculate Shrimp Tacos

For appetizers, someone ordered a huge plate of shrimp tacos. They had no idea how big this portion was going to be, otherwise it could've easily have been their main meal. Since it was so much, they were passing it around the table for other people to try and help out. I wasn't going to leave a friend hanging, so naturally I took one.

They were Buffalo Shrimp Tacos, and just looking at this thing was so enticing. It had diced onion, blue cheese crumbles, some lettuce (maybe some chopped cabbage, too, I couldn't tell), and of course, those succulent buffalo shrimp. That first bight was terrific. As soon as it hit my taste buds, I kind of regretted not ordering something like that.

Big Brother is Watching

You can't tell me that Big Brother isn't listening on our conversations. At least Zuckerberg is. For the rest of the night, I was getting videos and posts pop up on my Facebook and Instagram feeds about shrimp and fish tacos. Creepy, or what? And the algorithm was really working, because this video showed up a couple times, and it's originally from 2020! Regardless of the internet having a mind of its own, this recipe looks so delicious, I'm going to have to try it.

There's Plenty of Fish in the Hudson Valley

You don't have to travel out of town for a friend's birthday, or work on the recipe yourself because the Hudson Valley has an abundance of great fish restaurants and entrees. This is one of the biggest perks of living along a river that is connected to the sea. So you don't have to go fishing for the best restaurants yourself, we have compiled a list of restaurants with the best shrimp and fish tacos around. I've had majority of them, and they truly are to die for.

Have you tried the fish/shrimp tacos at any of these restaurants? Do you think that a place not on this list does it better? Let us know through the app!

Where To Find Best Fish Tacos in the Hudson Valley

Whether you need some fish tacos or some other kind of Mexican seafood cuisine, these restaurants will meet your culinary desires! What's your favorite dish?

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