Cats certainly have a mind of their own. The internet is full of clips and videos of felines getting themselves into all sort of misadventures. But sometimes they get themselves stuck in a situation where they actually might need humans for help ,as much as it may pain them to admit.

One curious cat somehow got themselves stuck in a wall.

Cat in Dutchess County Gets Stuck 

Red Hook Fire Company, Inc. posted on their Facebook page that a person living in the Red Hook area called the fire department because their cat needed help. But this wasn't another case of a cat getting themselves stuck on top of a tree. According to the fire company, this cat had gotten stuck behind a wall in a stairwell. 

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Firefighters use thermal imaging cameras as a device to see areas of heat through a number of barriers. Not only can they detect areas of heat and smoke, they're also used to help people who may be trapped in areas of heavy debris. They also can be used as well as a useful method in finding hidden cats.

The Cat Had Its Own Plans

It appears the firefighters came to this home with their TIC ready, as several heat signatures showed up behind the wall. Rescuers said they heard meowing and scratching behind the wall as well, as the homeowner cut a hole through the wall to locate the kitty. Of course, this cat had plans of its own.

Firefighters say that all the noise and commotion probably scared the cat from wherever they were stuck. After officials left, they said the homeowner texted them and told them the cat was seen sleeping on a box spring of a bed.

So, we can score this one as an assist from the fire department.

The cat appears to be doing well, though he or she his now carefully plotting the inevitable downfall of these humans who have deliberately insulted them so dearly.


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