At some point it happens to all us. We come across an animal that appears to be lost or abandoned. Most of us have the initial reaction that we need to help. So what is help?

I am finding that it really depends on the situation. Almost every lost pet or pet spotted post you see on social media these days has a multitude of responses on what you should do and not do. I find that one popular response is to post to a page called Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley.

Who Can Help When You Find or Loss a Pet in the Hudson Valley

Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley has 73 thousand followers and seems to be the one place everyone says to go if you have lost a pet or found what appears to be a lost animal. They are dedicated to helping lost pets reunite with their families.

Case in point is how they are working to get the word out regarding a current lost pet situation in Pleasant Valley. A foster dog pictured below has been on the run for a few weeks and has eluded all attempts to get it to stop running.

Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley via Facebook
Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley via Facebook

On August 14, 2023 Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley posted that the search for this dog was going to take a new direction. After unsuccessful tries to coax it in with food and love, the group trying to rescue the dog has turning to professional trackers. Groups like Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery have had success capturing the uncatchable.

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Hopefully they will be successful. This dog is super smart and has been spotted all over the area, they even at one point joked that it had must be finding a Worm Hole which was allowing the clever dog to disappear and reappear all over the area it was being tracked.

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On a side note but also in a sort of related topic. Over the last few weeks I have had a mysterious animal at my house at night driving my dog nuts. I was thinking it was a fox, deer or racoon but I was wrong. It is a Cat.

Paty Quyn
Paty Quyn

My Cat friendly neighbor and I are currently trying to wrangle he or she so it doesn't end up a meal for the Fisher Cat that also live somewhere close by. We are working with a few people who are cat wranglers so I will get you an update on "Ghosty" if he or she decides to be trapped or domesticated. I have a feeling this feline will out smart us and the Fisher.

Please keep in mind that may of the organizations that help with lost animals and injured wildlife are not for profit volunteer run organizations. If you can support them with time or funding it is very much appreciated by the group and the people and animals the help.

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