How is it possible that a a classic sports car has been sitting untouched in an Upstate New York garage for nearly 30 years? I am the first to admit that I am not a car guy. I can do basic repairs but anything beyond a tire change has me heading to the local garage. At the same time, I love the way muscle cars and antique cars look so this find has me intrigued.

This is the discovery, and first wash in 27 years, of one of the most famous American made sports cars from the 1980's.

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There is a great YouTube channel by the name of AMMO NYC. The business is based in New York State but if there is a gem of a vehicle hiding in a garage or barn anywhere in the country, these guys can clean it, detail it and sell it. Wait till you see what they did with this car.

According to the video, AAMO NYC got a tip on a Pontiac that had been sitting in an Upstate New York Garage for 27 years. This wasn't just any Pontiac, this is the famous 1982 Pontiac Trans Am! Yes, the same make and model as KITT from the television show Knight Rider.

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Getty Images

The AMMO NYC guys shared the story of this Trans Am from discovery to detailing and eventual re-sale. You can watch the entire episode of Drive + Protect below. Here are some of the highlights and a series of pictures that show the progress.

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