Do you ever crave a certain type of food? Whether it's Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or Sushi, there's so much we can choose from in the Hudson Valley.

A few years back, I discovered falafel at an event in our area. I had no idea that something healthy could taste so good. Who would think that falafel is filled with minerals, fiber, and vitamins? When I learned that falafel is made with chickpeas, it made me want to enjoy them even more frequently. This Middle Eastern favorite food option has been around for hundreds of years but has been grabbing attention in the Hudson Valley lately. 

Have you ever had falafel in the Hudson Valley? Stop by these eateries and treat yourself to a delicious lunch.

Olive Falafel, Middletown

Olive Falafel has completed its renovations to the Middletown location. If you haven't been there yet, they take pride in using recipes from family traditions for a healthier style. Olive Falafel doesn't use processed or canned foods in order to ensure that each meal is made with fresh ingredients. All of their items look colorful and clean base. 

Take a look at the menu here.

Falafel Town, Poughkeepsie

Located in Dutchess County, Falafel Town assures that all customers who arrive will leave happy. Along with their entrees and sandwiches, they have New York style meals as well. If you're in need of catering options, Falafel Town offers that service too.

Click here to see the menu.

Aba's Falafel, Rhinebeck

Aba's Falafel uses organic chickpeas and is sourced locally when possible. They take pride in their food being fresh and in the healthiest form. In 2019, Aba's Falafel was named the Hudson Valley Magazine's Best of the Hudson Valley. Not only are they open year round, they are also present at markets, fairs and festivals.

Find out more here.

Ziatun, Beacon

Known for having fresh and delicious falafel, Ziatun has a large menu of unique food options. They emphasize that they enjoy being vegan and vegetarian. From their entrees to flatbread wraps and choice of mezze, it’s hard to choose. I saw a picture of their Zaa’tar fries and they look delicious.

Check out their menu here.

What's your favorite way to have falafel? I prefer it served with hummus and tahini, it's delicious.

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