As the days just start to get a touch warmer, have already started to think about it? Those long summer days and spending time in the pool. Yes, last year with Covid, things were not as they were supposed to be and many gathering spots with pools were closed or at least super restrictive as to when you could go.

Here is a old favorite that has already gone ahead and told us not only when we can grab our floaties and hit the water, but that there will also be something new when it opens in June.

The favorite pool location is the Andretta Pool located Andretta Pool near the Dietz Stadium Sports Complex in Uptown Kingston.  What you might not have known was that even though the pool was closed due to covid last year, the City of Kingston still went ahead and completed several maintenance projects, including a new roof, masonry repairs as well as work on the pool pump and a new pool liner.

The newest addition to the pool that has many excited, according to the Mayor's Office is the new Splash Pad. Ah, you ask, as I did, "What is a Splash Pad?"

According to a press release from Mayor Noble's office a Splash Pad is a:

30’ circular pad will include water features for all ages and abilities, such as a high shower dome, arch jets, and spray rings.

Here is a photo from the press release to give all of us a better idea of what it might look like:

City of Kingston Press Release
City of Kingston Press Release

Construction on the new Splash Pad is set to begin on April 1, 2021 and be completed by the 2021 Pool Opening Day of June 19. For those of you who are interested in the opening day of Kingston Point Beach, that will be Wednesday June 16, 2021.

The pool will be free for everyone.

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