Some goats in Rockland County were acting very baaaaadly last week.

Rockland County isn't known for being the most rural part of the Hudson Valley. I guess it is known for residents owning pet goats. Pet goats actually offer a lot of benefits. They can produce milk, they're good companions, their waste is a good fertilizer and they are even nature's little lawn mowers. They can naturally clean overgrown grass and weeds.

We usually see goats in petting zoos or farms.

This isn't something that you see every day. These pictures were posted on Instagram. It's unclear where exactly this took place specifically in Rockland. Check out these goats hitting the streets.

Leashed goats are apparently a thing in Rockland as well. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

This isn't the first time that some farm animals escaped and roamed the streets of the Hudson Valley this month. A few weeks ago a drift of pigs were seen wandering in New Paltz. One resident recorded it and posted the video on Tik Tok. They called it a pig invasion.

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What is next? Will we see a bunch of cows in Newburgh?

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