We would do just about anything to save our pets. For many, that means putting themselves in peril if it means rescuing their cat, dog, or whatever else they may own. Police and firefighters from multiple agencies across the Hudson Valley worked together to save not just an escaped dog, but the owner who had gone to try to rescue the pet.

Search and Rescue 

Many agencies work across the state to help others who may be trapped or stranded. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's website, Forest Rangers conducted 426 search and rescue missions across the state in 2021 alone.

Just recently in late November, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection helped rescue three fishermen from the Croton Falls Reservoir in Carmel, following the capsize of their rowboat.

The three men were taken to the hospital for evaluation and are reportedly okay.

Fire & Police Rescue Man and Dog in the Hudson Valley 

Town of Tuxedo Police says they assisted multiple agencies Thursday to rescue a person who had fallen into the water at Sterling Forest. Officials say the unidentified man was walking his dog when the dog got off the leash and ran away to the water nearby. HV12 says the man then jumped into the water to save the escaped pooch.

Unfortunately, they now were both in trouble.

Officials were able to help rescue both the man and the dog, by pulling them up a ledge using ropes. Town of Tuxedo Police called the performance "an outstanding response and demonstration of interdisciplinary cooperation to protect the lives of the people in our Community."

Hudson Valley Hiker Goes Missing 

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A local man is lucky to be okay after he went missing overnight in early November. Authorities say he had gone out for a hike that afternoon, only to slip and fall down a cliff. NBC says it was his own screams for help that actually saved him. The man was all alone through the night in freezing temperatures.

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NBC says the Upper Nyack man had gone out for a hike that day when the accident happened. After not hearing from him in some time, his wife called Clarkstown Police to report him missing late afternoon. She said that her husband often walked the Nyack beach area, and it wasn't like him to not return home like this.

Google Maps
Google Maps

NBC says that authorities in Rockland County launched a huge search through the area around Nyack Beach State Park and Hook Mountain. that would involve K9s, drones, and foot patrols. Authorities also would call upon a "high-angle rescue team" for an assist, due to the rugged, steep terrain of the area. NBC says a jogger eventually heard the missing man's screams for help Wednesday and notified authorities.

HV Man Saved 

NBC says that he was was put into a basket and lifted up to a hiking trail. There, paramedics treated him for non-life-threatening injuries and took him to a hospital.

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