Hmmm...what do you think caused it? I'm still looking at the picture and trying to figure out what exactly could have made this. The other day I was on Facebook and there was a very interesting post in a local community group that really caught my attention. One family noticed strange markings under their deck and they are perplexed by what could have caused it. Maybe you can figure it out if you take a look at it.

J. Polowski
J. Polowski

What happened to the home in East Fishkill, NY?

One family noticed some strange markings underneath the second story of their deck and is trying to figure out what caused it. One family member mentioned that they had this issue the year before. They also noted that they were worried about bugs, but there were no bug intrusions in their house because of it. Very odd...

What could have caused the marks?

A few people wrote on the post and have some suggestions:

  • Ant lion
  • A mouse
  • Ground bees
  • Cicada killers
  • Snakes
  • Birds

Living in the Hudson Valley is always pretty interesting and we learn new things about nature every day. If you have ideas about what caused this or how to prevent it from happening, share them with us on the station app. Also, if you've noticed it in your yard, send us a picture of it as well.

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