Residents are being warned and cautioned to be extra careful while celebrating this Halloween.

It's hard to believe, but October has completely flown by and Halloween is just a few days away. Halloween is one of those holidays that is fun for everyone, adults get into it just as much as kids do and there are so many fun ways to celebrate it. There really is something for everyone whether it's a party at a bar, restaurant, or someone throwing their own.

However, extra police efforts will be going on over the next few days to make sure no one parties too hard.


What will the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office be doing?

According to officials, law enforcement agencies across Dutchess County are going to be participating in a special enforcement effort to stop impaired driving during the Halloween weekend. This special crackdown usually occurs on holidays like St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve and The Fourth of July as well.

When will the special enforcement effort be going on?

The STOP-DWI High Visibility Campaign will start on Saturday, October 29th and it will go through Monday, October 31st. Since Halloween is on a Monday this year many people are celebrating and holding events this weekend. It's really a whole party weekend that leads up to the big day.

Sheriff Kirk A. Imperati said,

"Safety should be everyone's goal to make this Halloween joyful instead of a tragic nightmare. If  you are celebrating, please plan ahead and have a safe way home."

Click here for more information and specific details about the campaign. The link also explains why the campaign is so important and how drunk driving is a very serious issue that can be prevented. Have fun and be safe out there.

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