Some people just don't learn their lesson. Police say a suspect was busted twice for DWI just around seven hours apart Thursday. Offcials say the first time the New York state man was arrested Sa, his blood alcohol content was over two times the state's legal limit. However, CBS says the same suspect was right back at it later that same afternoon.

According to NY State Police, slightly more than 30% of the fatal crashes are alcohol related in New York state.

New York State Man Arrested Twice 

New York State Police said in a press release that the 37-year-old man from Hadley, NY was first spotted Thursday morning, after his truck went off the road and struck a utility pole. Police say the man was arrested for DWI and taken into custody for processing, where he recorded a 0.17% BAC. Police day the man was issued two tickets and released to a sober third party.

Later that same day, a little after 4:30 PM, police say the same guy was reported slumped behind the wheel of an SUV, that was partially in the road in Wilton. Troopers arrived found the same man taking a snooze behind the wheel of the running vehicle. Police say he was arrested again and taken back for processing, where he recorded a 0.13% BAC, so at least he slept at least a tiny bit of that off from before.


 Serial Intoxicated Driver

A New York state man, who has been referred to as a "serial intoxicated driver", has racked up three more arrests for alleged DWI in just over two months, according to CBS. This has led some to once again criticize New York's bail reform law, including a local police chief, who blames the new law as the reason this suspect continues to get behind the wheel and put the community at risk.

Arrested Three Times In Two Months

CBS says the Watervliet man was arrested May 3 for a disturbance at a Stewarts, where police say the 41-year-old had driven under the influence of alcohol with a revoked license. However, CBS says he paid his bail and was out a few days later.

On June 19, police say he was back on his bulls**t as the same man was again pulled over and found to be under the influence and in possession of crack cocaine.


He was soon out on an appearance ticket. Police say he then completed the trifecta on July 7, as he was again pulled over and found to be driving under the influence. But once again, he paid bail, and he was out of jail, according to CBS. Police say the suspect is facing a number of charges, including DWI, aggravated unlicensed operation, circumventing an interlock device, and drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle.

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Police say the same man has 7 prior DWI convictions going back to 2008.

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