How are all of our March and April birthdays holding up? We know it could be tough skipping over your big day, but it's the new world we're living in.

While it's hard for adults to grasp the idea of a birthday in quarantine, you have to imagine that it would be even harder for young children.

We've seen a new trend of these car parade birthdays, where a neighbor would set up a time for neighbors to drive by, give a little beep, maybe a quick wave, and wish a younger child a happy birthday.

One Hudson Valley fire department wants to make it really special for your child celebrating their birthday.

New Hamburg Fire District posted to the following birthday idea to their Instagram:

If you have or know of any kids 12 and under in the New Hamburg fire district who’s birthdays are affected by this pandemic we would be happy to light up their day by doing a drive-by with lights and sirens for a birthday honor.

If you're interested in lighting up your child's big day call Sean at (845) 284-5279 or Brian at (845) 702-7295. They ask you to give them a few day's notice to schedule the birthday drive-by.

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