It's a very busy time of year and everyone seems to be in a huge rush, but we still need to be safe. Not only that, but unfortunately bad weather will be on its way very soon. School buses are out and about and most people respect the rules of the road, but I witnessed something pretty shocking the other day.


What incident happened with a bus in Dutchess County the other day?

It was a normal morning,I was driving to work and a school was pulling up a stop. The stop had a few kids on it and they were all waiting. The bus stopped, had their lights on and extended the stop sign so all of the cars know not to go. Thankfully, no child started to walk because a car out of nowhere passed the bus (going pretty fast) and almost came into the next lane. What is wrong with people?

More bus rules:

The Dutchess County Government has put out numerous warnings about buses. According to officials, it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus when it has red lights flashing and the red STOP sign is extended. Stopping for the buses is required when approaching from either direction, on multiple lane roadways and divided highways. Why is this so hard to follow?

Even more specific bus rules:

I have to admit some of these I didn't know, but there are more bus rules that motorists are supposed to follow or you could be ticketed. One rule is that you must remain 20 feet behind a bus, you can get a ticket if you creep up behind it or stop too late. Another one is you CAN'T pass the bus if you think all of the kids are off and it's safe. When those lights are on it's important and the bus driver could be assisting another student.

Driving is dangerous enough, follow the rules of the road, respect the buses and help make a safer environment for everyone.

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