After a two week shutdown, we’re happy to report that Mid Hudson Animal Aid on Simmons Lane in Beacon has reopened to the public. Apparently, there had been the possibility of a covid-19 exposure, so Mid Hudson Animal Aid thought it would be better to to be safe rather than sorry. A decision I wholeheartedly agree with. 

But the good news is that MHAA is up and running again, with some safety rules in place, of course. Social distancing, mask wearing, and hand sanitizing will all be in effect. Adoptions and volunteers will be by appointment only. Mid Hudson Animal Aid will be open every day from noon - 4PM, as long as social distancing and room capacity allow. So if you want to make a donation or pet some kittens, you can do that without an appointment.

And now that they’ve reopened, Mid Hudson Animal Aid could use our help. First of all. They’ve got a leaky roof and need donations to help remedy that problem. We don’t want wet cats and kittens, that’s for sure. They also take donations for the cats, and right now they need 33 gallon garbage bags, non clumping litter, and paper towels.

We’re so glad to see this great shelter back open to the public. Mid Hudson Animal Aid has been providing a safe haven for cats and kittens since 1979. Maybe now we can give back.  If you’re looking to adopt a cat or a kitten, find out about volunteering opportunities, or you’d like to make a donation to Mid Hudson Animal Aid, visit their website.

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