I am obsessed with a few things, dogs and coffee just being two of them. So when I hear about the two joining forces? Yep. Bring it on.

I am also obsessed with these things called "Puppy Cups." Where can you get them and what are they? Hang on for that. Here is how Dunkin Donuts here in the Hudson Valley will be going to the dogs, at least temporarily and I am super excited for it.

Does Dunkin have the best coffee in the universe? Let's just say that is debatable, but it is hot when I need it to be hot and iced when I need it to be cold. What I didn't know is that the company also has something called the "Dunkin Joy in Childhood Foundation."

That foundation gives money to many organizations nationwide to help make sure no child goes hungry. They also have a program that brings dogs to places, Dogs For Joy, which helps to increase the number of service and therapy dogs who work in hospitals. They know, as probably you and I do, that one of the quickest ways to put a smile on kids faces is through a dog. Dogs make kids forget their medical treatment, make them smile and bring them so much joy through each encounter. Heck, I have seen it in adults when someone brings their dog into the radio station, smiles are everywhere.

So, in order to raise money for these programs, Dunkin will be selling dog toys, (they teamed up with the people behind Bark Box) to sell donut themed toys in their stores, to raise money for these programs.

The toys will be available in the donut shops July 26 and available while supplies last. 

Let's get to the 'Puppy Cup' that I promised you earlier? What is a 'Puppy Cup?' Here is what I have found it to be, a secret off menu item at most drive-thru coffee locations.  Ask your favorite coffee place when you pick up your coffee order with your furry family member on your next visit. If they have it, then they 'get it.'

What a Puppy Cup will mean at Dunkin is on August 4, 2021, you can bring your dog with you to the shop (check if you have to do this through the drive-thru) and for $1 donation you can get your dog a 4 oz. cup of whipped cream, in a specially sized cup.

So programs that raise money to help kids dealing with child hunger or hospitalized medical care? I can raise a paw (and a coffee) to that!

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