There's a logical reason for why it keeps happening to drivers.

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It's always really annoying when you need to get any repair done to your vehicle. It's usually time consuming and costs a lot of money (a terrible combination). I had a friend who moved to the area about 2 years ago and she's noticed an issue with her car that seems to be related to her time in the Hudson Valley.


What's the problem with the Hudson Valley roads?

My friend mentioned how frustrated she was because she needed both her front and back brakes replaced for a second time since she's moved here. She really doesn't commute that far so she was very confused why this keeps happening. She also mentioned how her mechanic was not wrong or just trying to get money from her because when she drives she can feel that the brakes are worn and need to be replaced.  So....what's with all the repairs?

She recently asked a friend who's a gear head and he mentioned how the Hudson Valley has a lot of lights throughout it (especially on route 9). He also said a lot of people aren't used to the amount of lights in the area (it also depends on where you have lived previously) and tend to go through brakes more quickly because of all the stop and go action. It's more stop-and-go in this area compared to other places.I have also heard other people complain about how many lights there are and how they need their brakes done more frequently.

Do you think this is true or just an excuse? Have you needed your brakes replaced more frequently since living in the Hudson Valley? Share your answers on the station app.

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