So you have video chatted more in the last two weeks than you have ever. There are more online video chat platforms to for you to figure out including Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, etc.  You might want to take pity on someone who is electronically challenged and help them with some of the ins and outs of doing it the right way.


  • Pick a platform and learn it. Focusing on one will help you know what you are doing and thus build your confidence that you are 'doing it right.'
  • Contact the person you want to video chat (VC) with and make sure it is okay to do so. There are some people, no matter how much you try that just will not want to VC.
  • Remember to pause in between your questions so the person(s) you are chatting with can respond. You might be so excited to see the persons face you don't know when to halt the talking.
  • Know where your camera is. So you can then look at the camera as opposed to looking at the image of yourself during the entire chat.


  • Do not ever, ever, ever go to the bathroom during a video chat. Don't even consider it if you think you have yourself muted. Trust me, there will be a time when you don't have yourself muted.
  • Chow down on food during the VC, unless your chatter is also eating. No one wants to see food coming out of your mouth and it makes it hard to understand you.
  • Don't have bright lights behind you. It makes it hard for people to actually see you.
  • Don't worry that you don't have everything "right."

Go ahead and give video chatting a try. The person who you chat with will probably be so thrilled to see you. Reach out to as many people as you can at this time so they can get face-to-face contact. Just remember to clear it with them in advance.

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