Fans want Disney to let down their hair and cast this real-life Rapunzel look-alike in a movie.

Jolene, who shares TikTok content under the username @jo_punzel, is known for posting hair and skincare tips, and often shares tutorials and products recommendations.

In many of her videos, Jolene reveals how she maintains her ultra-sleek, all-natural long locks, which flow to the top of her thighs.

Jolene found viral fame after sharing a clip of her playing with her hair set to the Tangled score track "Kingdom Dance."

"My heart is so happy right now," Jolene captioned her viral video, which has over 29.6 million views to date.

Her resemblance to the beloved Disney princess is unmistakable. Watch below:

The viral clip helped Jolene amass 1 million followers on her TikTok account. It also received tens of thousands of comments, with many calling for the House of Mouse to cast Jolene as a live-action version Rapunzel from 2010's animated hit Tangled.

"@Disney ... CAST HER!" one TikToker commented, garnering over 73,000 likes.

"A real life Rapunzel," another viewer commented under Jolene's viral video.

"Your hair is brighter than my future," someone else joked.

"Your hair is literally magical," another TikTok user wrote.

In another video, Jolene shows off a Tangled-themed hairstyle with flowers woven through a long braid.

In a commented posted under one of her videos, Jolene explained she has been dedicated to healthy hair growth her "entire life."

"I've been growing my hair my entire life, but someone with even better genes could achieve this in six to 10 years," she wrote.

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