Growing up, we were told to not talk to strangers online. Being adults now, the rules have changed completely.

Have you ever been on a dating app before? Those in the online dating world can even rate the most popular dating apps.

Hinge, Bumble and Tinder have their own meanings in the dating pool and are known for specific things. While some people are on dating apps to meet new people, others are truly interested in meeting, "the one".

However, friends in a relationship may find it entertaining and amusing to see what happens on dating apps and live vicariously through their friend.

What Dating App Do You Have Experience With?


I have heard great stories about people who have met on dating apps but also experiences where things didn't last.

I also believe that this statement has something to do with location itself. Depending on the dating app, app users have the opportunity to be able to change their location or click on a certain place on a map and land there. By using that location, app users are then able to see their potential matches in that spot.

All dating apps have potential but in the Hudson Valley, certain apps are known for different things.

What Dating App Do You Use In The Hudson Valley?


Imagine looking for your potential match and seeing your ex, someone you went to high school with or even a co worker on a dating app?

The Hudson Valley is expanding and there are alot of people living in the area now but sometimes, you can see someone from you world or from the past whether this is in person or online.

Dating in the Hudson Valley can be enjoyable but also challenging depending on the location of your app.

A poll was taken on WRRV's Facebook page in regards to dating profiles, dating profiles bio and dating apps.

The Community Was Asked About Dating Profile Red Flags In The Hudson Valley


All over social media, there are different videos, screenshots and screen recordings of dating profiles and their bios.

Certain apps were allowed the feature of voice notes where the app user could record a voice note of what they wanted to say or answer a question that was asked by the app.

These voice notes on dating app profiles went viral as a joke with what people were saying on their dating profile. For the most part, they were "cringy" and made other app users feel embarrassed for them.

Therefore, WRRV got personal on social media platforms when it came to what should be in dating profile bios.

Don't Put This In Your Dating Profile In The Hudson Valley

WRRV, Facebook
WRRV, Facebook

With over 37 comments, WRRV's audience shared their response to the following question:

"What are some dating profile red flags?"

The following answers were filled out in the comments section of the post:

"“I’m not into drama” in their profile. They usually are the dramatic ones."


"Group photos. Pics of kids. Pics with a mask on."


"No pictures of faces, just bodies "


"Saying a certain body type is repulsive "


"Strong political preference"


"It all starts with Hello"


"“Tired of games”"


"Holding a fish"

What are some things that you have put in your dating profile? What would you like to see in someone else's dating profile? Share with us below.

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