Every story about a local business closing during the COVID-19 crisis has hurt, but this one will be a little tougher for the music community to swallow.

According to a post on their Facebook page on Saturday, Skyloft at Crossgates Mall is closing for good due to the coronavirus pandemic. In their post they wrote "These times of uncertainty have taken their toll on all of us, and though we have been fighting the good fight, we, like countless other live entertainment venues, have unfortunately succumbed to the concerns and restrictions brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic."

This pandemic has been a challenge for all of us. So many businesses have closed, and so many are out of work. But one could argue no business has been hit harder than the live event and concert industry. While restrictions have been slowly lifted elsewhere, other businesses, while not fully back, have been able to recover somewhat. The live-concert industry has seen little light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel. Local venues, concert promoters, stagehands, security and so many others have not been able to do what they do near any normal capacity. And at this point, who knows when they will be able to start doing shows again.

It is so sad to see this happen for the folks at Skyloft. They had a beautiful venue at Crossgates Mall. In fact, GNA was supposed to do our annual St. Jude charity concert there in April before the pandemic put a temporary end to live events. Let's hope our concert industry gets up and running soon so we can not just enjoy live music again, but more importantly, get all our great local venues and industry folks back to work doing what they love.

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