It's called "Sweet Return to Normal" and OMG!! Normal never tasted so good!

As we all start to notice that many restrictions are starting to be pulled back across the Hudson Valley, one of our favorite ice cream spots have announced that they are welcome "normal" back with a special flavor of ice cream.

Stewart's Shops are one of my favorite convenience stores to stop into for just about everything, this is the place that changed my life with their new peanut butter and chocolate milk drink. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should, you'll thank me later...LOL! Anyway I stop in to Stewarts all the time and it looks like I have another "excuse" to stop in today.

According to News 10, Stewart's has announced that to help in celebrating the lifting of many COVID-19 restrictions they are now going to be offering a pandemic themed ice cream flavor at most locations.

The flavor is called, Sweet Return to Normal is a fully loaded vanilla flavor that has all kinds of yummy stuff in it, including, chewy brownie bites, soft cookie dough pieces, and a rich fudge swirl.

Stewart’s Shops president, Gary Dake told News 10, that this was one way Stewarts can celebrate getting back to some form of normal, "As we carefully reopen, summer plans now include more travel, events and of cream. We all crave a return to normal, and this ice cream flavor is dedicated to just that."

To try this amazing flavor head over to the ice cream counter and ask for it by name (Sweet Return to Normal), the flavor will be available for a limited time so try it fast before its to late...LOL.

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