With the time on my hands since I am spending more time at home in order to keep my family (and myself) healthy, I find that I have time to research the answers to questions that I have randomly thought about, yet never had the time to go about doing the research.

Here is my most recent quest, "What is the difference between salsa and pico de gallo? and is there one? Or is it like catsup and ketchup?" Okay, that second question is for another time.

Here is what I found out about Salsa:

  • From the Association of Dressings & Sauces, this is how they define salsa:

     “Salsa” translates literally as “sauce,” and encompasses a wide variety of forms. When most Americans speak of “salsa,” they are typically referring to a condiment made with tomatoes, onions and chiles.

  • So what is Pico de Gallo, because it looks a lot like salsa does? In my research, I found the difference spelled out a few ways, but TastesBetterFromScratch.com, said it the easiest for me to comprehend, that salsa is more of a 'sauce' and is much heavier and can contain cooked or canned tomatoes but that:

    "Pico de gallo, on the other hand, always contains the same ingredients: fresh and uncooked tomatoes, onion, cilantro and jalapeño"

So salsa can be thicker and richer, has a bit more liquid to it and possibly cooked items. Pico de Gallo is always fresh, does not have cooked tomatoes (or any cooked item in it) and has virtually zero or little liquid with it.

Hmmm... So basically Pico de Gallo is a fresh salsa? Guess, I am back at square one, thinking that while the two things taste great and have different names, you could argue that they are the same thing? Maybe?


Salsa VS Pico de Gallo



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