I love living in the Hudson Valley. Sure, we have high taxes, but we also have beautiful scenery, dozens upon dozens of cool little towns, and lots of antique stores. In the past week alone, I’ve been to antique stores in Rhinebeck, Hyde Park, Beacon and Red Hook. And judging by the amount of people at those places, I’m not alone in my love for antiquing.

One Hudson Valley town that I haven’t been to in a few years has become well known for its many antique stores, among other things. In fact, that very town has just been named one of the country’s top 50 small towns for antiques. And the number one town in the whole state of New York. Care to venture a guess as to which town it is?

If you guessed the Columbia County town of Hudson, you’re correct. Just 20 something years ago Hudson was a somewhat run down Hudson River town in need of a serious overhaul. And that’s exactly what has happened.  It was gradual, but it seemed like all of a sudden, there were cute shops, tons of antique stores and great restaurants up and down Warren Street in Hudson. Then, people starting buying the historical homes around Hudson and fixing them up to their original glory. Beautiful inns and hotels were refurbished and opened. Yes, Hudson was and still is going places.

Hudson has become a favorite town for shopping for both antiques and new products, a good deal of them made locally. Many folks from New York City have weekend homes in the Hudson area, and many have moved up here permanently. If you haven’t been to Hudson lately, maybe it’s time for a road trip. I know I’ll be heading up there in the very near future.

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