Now that the weather is warming up there is one thing that you NEED to do inside your home to help keep you cool this year.

Many New Yorkers forget about this one simple thing that needs to be done in order to help keep you cool while you are hanging out inside your home.

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That is switch the way your overhead spins.

Most people forget that modern ceiling fans have a switch that you are supposed to use depending on the weather. The switch changes the way the blades of the fan spin and that changes whether cold or warm is pushed down on you.

During the Summer months, the blades of your fan are supposed to spin counter-clockwise to help push the air down and over you causing the cooling effect.

It is the opposite in the Winter. You want the blades of your fan spinning clockwise to pull up the cool air and push down the warm air. Warm air rises so a lot of times if you don't make the switch you are actually keeping the warm up at the top of your ceiling.

By switching the ceiling fan to sping the correct way, you can actually save some money because you won't have to use the air conditioning or the heat as much since you are properly pushing the warm or cool air where you want it.

Here is a quick rundown on which way your fan should be spinning during the Summer and Winter months.

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