According to House Beautiful, the most haunted house in Montana is located in Butte: the Copper King Mansion, which is now a bed and breakfast. According to some visitors, they've experienced a "ghostly presence" in the home's ballroom.

The home was built by William Andrews Clark, who, at the time, was one of the wealthiest men in the world. In fact, a quick visit to the Copper King Mansion website reveals that at one point, Clark was making around 17 million dollars a month. He was known to be a giving man, and one of his biggest claims to fame was building the Columbia Gardens, the beloved amusement park in Butte.

The mansion is open for tours from May through September. Overnight guests do receive a tour along with their stay. There are different rooms available, including the master suite. So, if you love a unique B&B or if you want the chance to possibly see a ghost, it certainly is worth checking out.

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