A short time ago we told you about catalytic converter thieves who were hitting towns all over the area stealing your cars catalytic converter.

These thieves are still on the loose and police all over Fairfield County are warning car owners to protect your vehicles.

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According to newstimes.com, the thieves have struck again Tuesday night, this time in Stamford.

Now you may be asking yourself why would someone steal your car's catalytic converter. Here's one good reason -- some of the metal that is used in the converters  can have a $250 street value. Another reason for the rise is stricter emissions restrictions which means that the metals are in higher demand and can cost you up to $4,000 to replace your cars catalytic converter.

Connecticut State Police are also on the case and are asking the public for help identifying this suspect who is believed to be involved in the Tuesday robbery in Stamford.

CT State Police Image
CT State Police Image

The Danbury Police Department also released a list of things you can do to prevent this type of theft.

  • Park in a garage or well lit area
  • Engrave your VIN number into your catalytic converter. This will discourage someone from selling it on the black market. Most people, like junk yards, who buy them after they have been stolen will not go near one with a VIN number, or a scratched out VIN number.
  • Have the catalytic converter welded to your cars frame which makes it harder to remove.
  • Install a car alarm that is triggered by any vibration near the car.

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