If you were a Christmas Cookie, what kind of a Christmas Cookie would you be? Pecan Sandie? Mexican Wedding Cakes? Peanut Butter Kiss? Jam-Thumbprint? What is your favorite cookie? Think that you can make that Christmas Cookie "better?" 

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If you think that way, maybe this is a job that you should apply for. Reynolds Kitchen (the people that make the Reynolds Wrap) is looking to add what they are calling a "Cookie Connoisseur" to their kitchen innovation team.

Interested? Yes, this job does pay! $5,000 and a significant supply of baking parchment (if you bake, then you know that you really do want the parchment as well as the 'dough').

Here are a few things that are a part of the official job listing that you need to be willing to do as a Cookie Connoisseur:

  • Comfortable trying wacky or unexpected ingredients to elevate your holiday cookie recipes
  • Known as the go-to cookie maker among your family and friends
  • Ready to take a stand on baking ingredients, like using salted vs unsalted butter
  • Willing to share your best and most unique recipes with us

So, how do you feel about unsalted versus salted butter? Just kidding (unsalted all the way, right?). 

Seriously, if you have the creativity to come up with a brand new Christmas cookie that Reynolds could share with the world, get on it! Why shouldn't it be your cookie that becomes as much of a staple around the holidays as the Peanut Butter Blossom?

Best of luck to you and Happy Baking!

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