People living in the Kingston area are being advised to be extra cautious.

Ugh, this is never good, but the City of Kingston Police Department has recently issued a warning to residents due a reported increase in thefts from vehicles and automobiles. According to the police department, they have received numerous videos of people trying to enter parked vehicles.

How to prevent being a victim of this:

  1. Do NOT leave your car running while you go inside somewhere
  2. Do NOT leave your keys or fob inside the vehicle if you are not in the vehicle
  3. Do NOT leave your car unlocked, even in your driveway, an area you feel is safe in, or in an area with a lot of light
  4. Do NOT leave any kind of valuables in the car that could make it appealing to someone to try to get

More specific information on the type of crime:

Officials also mentioned that the vehicles that were stolen did have the key or fob sitting inside. Especially during the winter months when individuals are warming up their cars, it's important to pay close attention to your surroundings. They also mentioned that this kind of crime is all about opportunity and not giving someone the advantage with this.

Recently in the town of Ulster, a similar warning had issued to residents. People are being advised to call Kingston Police at (845-331-1671) if they are a victim of the crime or know someone that is.

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