I never knew this place existed in the Hudson Valley. I'm the first one to admit that I'm new to the Mid-Hudson area and I'm still learning my way around. I've gotten better, when I first moved here, I thought Monticello was in Dutchess County and Rhinebeck was 5 mins away from Wappingers Falls (I know...go ahead and laugh). Every now and then I'll hear about a spot around here and I'll have no idea where it is. That happened the other day...

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The first time I heard about Circleville, NY....

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

I always pay attention during the morning traffic reports, but the other day one of them stopped me dead in my tracks. "Circleville" was mentioned and I thought to myself, WHERE THE HECK IS CIRCLEVILLE? IS THAT EVEN A REAL PLACE? Turns out it is....

More information on Circleville, NY:

I'm sure it's a lovely place to live and I feel bad I didn't know much about it. Circleville is a hamlet that's located in the Town of Wallkill. That means it's located in Orange County, NY and it's around the junction with the old Goshen Turnpike.

What are some interesting facts about Circleville, NY?

  • Before 1791, the area was just a thick forest
  • The name was reportedly given to the hamlet by Mrs. Mary Bull who thought Circleville, Ohio was a pleasant name
  • Samuel Bull donated the land that the Circleville Presbyterian Church was on and he also contributed a lot of money and labor to the area

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