Things keep getting better and better here in the Hudson Valley. Spring begins in a few days and it is getting warmer by the week. We can look forward to the blossoming of flowers, the smell of fresh grass and hearing the bird’s chirp. In addition, to all these exciting things, Easter is also approaching. For those who gave something up for lent, I’m sure that you’re super pumped for this holiday to arrive. Easter symbolizes new life, rebirth, and growth. I'm over here patiently waiting to eat all the Easter candy as possible. From jellybeans to chocolate bunnies and robins’ eggs, I could go on all day. I’d say that I look forward to Easter since it’s a holiday shared with family and friends but also an endless amount of delicious candy. Here are a few of my favorite sweet spots in the Hudson Valley that you’ll to be sure to grab candy at this upcoming holiday.

Samuel’s Sweet Shop, Rhinebeck

If you didn’t know already, the coolest part about this shop is that Hilarie Burton owns it. Along with being owned by a super cool, down to earth celebrity, they do have delicious candy. They also have samplers ranging from Hilarie’s favorites to Hudson Valley favorites and nostalgic pieces as well. Located in Rhinebeck, you can grab some of your favorite pieces and take a stroll through this cute little village.

Here's the menu options.

Hudson Valley Chocolates, Wallkill

Have you ever tasted homemade chocolate before? There’s something about it that completely beats buying it in the store ever again. I think that it’s the love, passion and happiness that truly goes into making it. Hudson Valley Chocolates offers marshmallow pops, chocolate pretzels, apples, bars and more. For Easter, they have a chick and bunny box to choose from.

Take a look at these mouth watering chocolates.

Kingston Candy Bar, Kingston

I almost felt like I was apart of Willy Wonka at this sweet shop. They have a selection of over 300 varieties of candies, ranging from chocolates to gummies, sours and more. They also have signature favorites such as their Widow Maker and Happy Husband bar. Be sure to show up here on an empty stomach to get the best candy shop possible experience.

Choose your candy choice here.

Krause’s Chocolates, New Paltz, Rhinebeck and Saugerties

Have you ever tasted chocolate from a company that has been making candy for over 80 years? Now is finally your time to try it out. They have also been voted the Hudson Valley’s Best Chocolate/Candy Store. Krause’s has over 50 varieties of their homemade and hand dipped chocolate. Easter, they have different styles of chocolate rabbits to purchase along with crosses and flowers. Treat yourself at one of these locations.

Check out the menu here. 

Are you drooling yet? I sure am. What’s your favorite sweet shop around? Share with us.

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