Every day is a celebration but today more than ever. February 18, 2021 is National Drink Wine Day, woo-hoo! Do we really need an excuse to have a glass of wine? The answer is no way. The history of wine dates to 7,000 BC, which is no surprise. We hear about the health benefits behind drinking wine and how avid wine drinkers have lower risks of certain diseases.

Wineries in the Hudson Valley has blossomed all around. I feel that there are now so many options to chose from which is never a bad thing. Whether you decide to shop by one of these gems or take it on the go, it’ll be the perfect way to ring in the weekend as well. Let’s check out local wineries that are totally worth visiting, cheers


City Winery

Montgomery, NY

This winery is in the village of Montgomery on the historic grounds of an old mill, located on Factory Street. They have a great barrel room and tasting bar available on site along with cocktail classes as well.


Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery

Warwick, NY

Warwick Valley Winery is located on beautiful grounds within the Hudson Valley with over 120 acres. In the past, they have offered distillery tours and tastings options.


Robibero Winery

New Paltz, NY


If you’re looking to spend a beautiful summer day, sipping homemade wine with the views of the Hudson Valley, this may be the place for you. This winery is tucked in a bit, located in New Paltz. Their family history keeps the tradition alive, along with their delicious tasting wines and selections in house.


Millbrook Vineyards & Winery

Millbrook, NY

Known as the “Hudson Valley’s flagship winery”, Millbrook has it all. They offer onsite weddings, tastings, and tours. They take honor in being one of the only wineries within the Hudson Valley to add vinifera grapes.

Do you prefer white or red? Share with us below.

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