Ithaca, New York is the largest city in the state's Finger Lakes region. Known for being the home of Cornell University, nearby wineries and the gorges that make up the area's unique geography, Ithaca is one of America's great small towns.

Part of that small town charm is the Cayuga Waterfront Trail. The pathway winds through the city along the banks of the Cayuga Inlet, which feeds Cayuga Lake.

A Google Earth/Street View explorer discovered something unnerving while following the trail, a demonic face or skull under a bridge overpass.

The Hidden On Google Earth TikTok and Instagram account featured the unnatrual face.

While Ithaca is not identified, those familiar with the Finger Lakes will recognize the region as the map zooms in. Ithaca is further clued in as it's the only city of any size on the south shore of any of the Finger Lakes. Watch as the video zooms in on the face:

The bridge is Taughannock Boulevard (New York State Route 89).

After seeing it, the question becomes, what the heck is it? Something deliberately pained there? A mask left in a stregetic spot?

As the video has been viral, a few media have covered it. LadBible reports,

One person suggested the face could be graffiti art, while another said it's just the bolts of the bridge.

Somebody else tried to give a psychological explanation and said: "I think it's pareidolia (it's the ability to recognise familiar shapes or faces where there aren't any)."

There is some graffiti on the southern approach to the bridge which appears to read "Devil Meets His Archangels Tonight"

devil graffiti ithaca
Google Maps Street View

It's worth noting that the Street View cameras came through in 2014. There are no images more recent of the spot than from 7 years ago.

Whatever the Waterfront Trail face is, it's just one of the odd things that can't be fully explained in our world. Here are more:

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