It's national bike day!!!

I would gather that most of everyone reading this CAN ride a bicycle, right? If you can't and are looking for instructions on how to safely ride, please feel free to text me through the Wolf app and I would be more than happy to share my bike riding expertise with you.

As you can see in this home video of my son Jackson, 3 or 4 years ago trusting me in teaching him how to ride....

Still to this day, I call him "Jackie Bike Rider" and yes he hates it...LOL! I was amazed how quickly he picked up riding. The video was only the second time he tried after using training wheels for a while. He definitely doesn't get it from me...LOL!

To celebrate National Bicycle Day, we though we would take a stroll down memory lane, do you remember who taught you how to ride a bike? Jess told us that it was a group effort by her mom, dad, and her brother Joe. She also told us that the big part of leaning to ride was learning to avoid the big basketball pole in the driveway.

Kristen called the show and agreed with Jess and told us that her uncle taught her to ride but never showed her how to stop and she wound up smashing into the neighbors porch....OUCH!! Back when I self taught myself to ride a bike, (yes I'm FLEXING RIGHT NOW!!!) I did it without a helmet or any sort of protection. Nowadays everyone wears a helmet when they ride, which is a good thing, some parents take it a bit far with the protection side, I've seen kids learning to ride on the rail trail wearing stuff that looks like they are getting ready to go into a battle...LOL!

Bubble wrap anyone! Who taught you to ride? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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