Yikes, not really sure what to do.

It's safe to say when it comes to anything in the kitchen, I'm not the person you want to go to for advice. It's something I have been trying to work on, but it's been a slow and steady process. Recently, something strange happened and it completely changed the way I look at butter.

Location, location, location

For my whole life my family and I have always kept out butter in the fridge. We would put it in a special dish and then place it right inside the door of the fridge. This always seemed very normal to me.

Thor_Deichmann from pixabay
Thor_Deichmann from pixabay

What happened?

I spent the weekend at one of my best friend's house and when I first got there I noticed her butter was out and I casually took it and put it in the fridge (we're very close so she doesn't mind if I move things). The next morning when I was making coffee for us, I noticed the butter was out AGAIN. She wasn't cooking anything so I was confused why it was out.

kenmind77 from Getty Images
kenmind77 from Getty Images

Difference of opinion:

I finally had to say something to her and asked what the deal is with the butter always being out. She looked at me crazy and poked fun at how that's not the correct way to store butter. What? I had to do a little research and according to usdairy.com, it is okay to leave it out sometimes, but there are certain times it should be in the fridge.

What do you think? Should butter be kept only in the fridge or can you leave it out? What do you do? Send me a message on the app and let me know what you think, please.

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