The crew members arrived safely and have already started helping with the snow removal.

Anyone who has watched the news recently has noticed how Buffalo was completely devastated by a winter storm. It's been awful to see the images from there, multiple deaths were reported from the storm and there is still so much that needs to be done to help.

A few brave employees from the Dutchess County Public Works Department have made their way up to Buffalo to provide extra support and help to the area.

How is Dutchess County, NY helping Buffalo, NY?

According to the Dutchess County Government Facebook page, 8 DPW employees made their way up to Buffalo with a front end loader and dump trucks to help. Due to the storm many locations were blocked and power has still been out in some spots. This is where it gets just awful, the Medical Examiner/coroner staff has needed help and the Dutchess County Medical Examiner's Office as well. Ugh.

A little bit of help goes along way:

Dutchess County Government Facebook Page
Dutchess County Government Facebook Page

The DPW crew has been working around the clock since they got up there to help with snow removal . Many residents in Buffalo expressed their gratitude about the extra help and wished the Dutchess County crews good luck. When something terrible happens in the world you quickly learn who the helpers are and who steps up without being asked.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped out with this crazy storm. It makes me grateful to live in the Hudson Valley and that we don't get storms like that around here (knocking on wood to make sure I don't jinx us).

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