Is there a more popular answer?

Today was one of those days where a conversation starts out of nowhere and as it normally goes that conversation leads to a heated discussion on the proper way to use the English language. It all started when I mentioned on the radio show that when someone is running around their house they are running around "buck" naked. Meaning without any clothes on.

Samantha then texted us that her 12-year-old son heard me say that and he asked her what buck naked meant. She said isn't it butt naked? Well, Samantha, I take a lot of heat on a regular basis for the way in which I butcher the English language, so I need to ask what phrase do you use when you describe someone who isn't wearing any clothes?

Buck naked is what I've said my entire life and now I'm questioning if I've been saying it wrong all these years. Courtney from Poughkeepsie called us to let us know that she has been saying BUCK, her entire life and is also now questioning whether or not she's been saying it wrong too.

Laurie from Wappingers Falls tried to explain to us why she thinks BUTT is the correct way, she said, "When we all come into this world we are BUTT naked, NOT buck naked, it's BUTT!!" After taking a ton of calls and text messages all morning...

The Most Popular Way to Say Someones Naked in the Hudson Valley Is...

After tallying things up, (it wasn't even close) more folks in the Hudson Valley use BUCK than BUTT. YES, finally I'm not saying something incorrectly!! Excuse me while I celebrate a small victory...LOL!

According to the dictionary, people over at Meriam-Webster the "Butt vs Buck" question has been asked many times and their answer is a simple one, both uses are correct and when having to choose which one to use, they say, "you should really just choose the one that brings you the most joy."

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