So there are a few things that I do when I am stressed and scattered. The one thing that centers me is cooking and baking. For me, baking is truly something that I do that helps me focus, clears my mind and helps me breathe. There is also a side effect of my ability to bake, it gains me a few friends, lol.

This week, on my way into work, (which is early) the Dunkin' that I pass has changed their hours with the COVID changes, so I was unable to get my morning bagel. I figured, 'No big deal. I will buy them at the store." I went to two 'quick marts' and both of them were out of bagels. At that point, I knew I had two options, go ahead and head into one of the neighborhood grocery stores or just make them.

By the end of the week, I had made three batches of bagels, two plain and one jalapeno. What will I do with these? I will slice them and then put them into the freezer, where I will be able to grab one at a time at my leisure for my breakfasts.

What will I do with the banana bread, English muffins (two batches), the cornbread and the cornbread casseroles? I will take those, portion them out and freeze them as well. I consider it my own version of 'prepping.' I will have the food for a bit, unless my sisters or my dad makes a trip to my house. At that point, my freezer contents will quickly disappear as they do.

What are you making during this Quarantine time? Share with us!

Making Bagels

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