David Ryder
David Ryder

Spending more time than normal trying to find things to watch online during the COVID seclusion/isolation? Here are a few shows on Amazon Prime that I have watched and really liked. Will you like them? Hey, only you can be the judge of that!

Here goes:

  • Bosch. This series is about a homicide detective who works out of the Hollywood division. The 6th season is about to premier (4/17/2020) so you have a few days to catch up before the new season begins. When the next season kicks off, I won't even answer text messages. This is all based on the Michael Connelly books.
  • Jack Ryan. There are two seasons to watch and this series is based on the Tom Clancy books. It stars John Krasinski. There is a slightly different feel between the seasons and season two kept me on the edge more than the first one, but I will be back should a third season make it.
  • Sneaky Pete. Giovanni Ribisi stars as Marius a con-man who convinces a family he is their long lost relative to try and get their money. It is three seasons and totally worth the time spent watching. Bryan Cranston makes appearances in the show and is also an executive producer on it.
  • The Grand Tour. If you remember the original BBC Top Gear or have a love of cars and watching three dudes just be silly and bust each others chops, then you should check out The Grand Tour. The cars are worth it and you will find yourself laughing at the antics. The only thing missing from the original series, The Stig.
  • One Mississippi. A show loosely based on the life of comedian Tig Nataro. Not for everyone, but if you can get into it early I enjoyed her dry sense of humor and realistic take on how the world is.

What have you been watching? Care to share? Mrs Maisel? The Hunters? What do you think that I should get into next?

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