Exclusive footage on a very special and unique hotel that was once a bustling spot in the Hudson Valley has been released. I've heard of couples only hotels, but I have never heard of this one before.

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Was there a vegetarian hotel in Sullivan County, NY?

So the short answer to the question is...yes. There was a vegetarian hotel that was located in Woodridge, New York and some hidden footage has been found of it. Before we get to the footage lets find out more about what the hotel was all about. Again, I have never heard of a vegetarian hotel before so this whole concept is pretty different for me and it took a little digging to find it.

Happy Cow.net/Canva
Happy Cow.net/Canva

What's the story behind the vegetarian hotel in New York?

Fannie Schafer was the owner of the hotel and there's no specific opening date that is listed for when the hotel first opened up, but it was open for a good amount of time.  According to sources, visitors could come to the hotel and enjoy meatless meals, health lectures, sports, entertainment, boating, beautiful accommodations, special diet requests, spas and more. The hotel did cater to vegans and this lifestyle was a big focus at the hotel. The hotel sounds more like a wellness retreat if you ask me, but I totally would have went. The health and vegetarian atmosphere at this hotel really made it different and set it apart from the other hotels in the Borscht Belt area.

More information on the vegetarian hotel:

The hotel did very well under Fannie's leadership and it seemed to excel when her son Verb took over. Later on, Verb even honored his mother by writing a cookbook called ' The Vegetarian Hotel Cookbook: Old-World, Unique Vegetarian Recipes from Fannie Schaffer's Kitchen' is a lovely tribute to his mother and keeps the hotel's memory alive. Sadly, the hotel did close its doors for good around 1985.

If you take a look at the footage you can see how happy everyone was at the hotel. There's something really sweet about seeing all of the regulars who would come and share their stories, all the young kids who were working their first summer jobs there and how many beautiful memories were made there. Maybe someday, someone can open up something similar and bring the concept back to the Hudson Valley.

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