I'm all for being nice, but items do need to be returned. There are two kinds of people...those who return something to you right away and those who you have to chase down.

Have you ever let a friend borrow something and they didn't return it? Did you have to have that awkward conversation about getting it back? What did you do?


A return that hasn't happened:

I always try to help out my friends when I can, but sometimes it can be frustrating. We had some pretty crazy rain earlier in the week and of course, the sky opened up right when I was about to run out. I was searching for the raincoat, but I could not find it anywhere. It dawned on me that I let a friend borrow it about 6 MONTHS AGO and she clearly did not return it.

What do you do in that situation?

I was annoyed because whenever I borrow something from a friend I always return in a timely manner. Also, I got that raincoat as a gift and it's from a designer that I definitely could not afford on my own. However, even though it's my item, I feel awkward for some reason asking for it back.

Have you been in this situation before? How long is too long to borrow something? Should you feel weird asking for your borrowed items back? Send us your answer on the station app.

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