The spring is the perfect time to get tickets for a ferry ride! I love ferries!

No Mr. Crocker, not those kinds of "fairies." I am talking about ferry boats. You know, the kinds that shuttle people on the water. Sometimes ferries are used mainly for transportation, moving people and even their vehicles from one location to another. Other times, ferries can be all about leisure.

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Perhaps you want to take a boat ride and sightsee! Some ferry rides will have a guided tour and tell you about the history and geography of the area you are visiting. You can even have dinner on a ferry while being serenaded by music. Taking a ferry ride is like taking a cruise like day camp is to sleep-away camp.

Pirates of the Caribbean... on the Hudson

A family tradition of ours used to be that one of my dad's cousins would rent a boat, and we would have a family reunion while sailing up and down the Hudson. There would be food and games, and we would all catch up while enjoying the gorgeous scenery. There was one year when a vicious thunderstorm occurred while we were sailing. My cousin and I stayed up on the bow of the ship, pretending we were in Pirates of the Caribbean. We were making ourselves laugh, along with the captain watching our silly shenanigans.

A Boat Trip in Kingston

Another fun memory I had regarding ferry rides was this one time I took a boat tour in Kingston with my parents while I was in high school. I had been on previous boat tours before, but I was finally old enough to really appreciate it. Before then, I was too busy playing Pokémon on my Gameboy. But no, I remember having a terrific time and listening intently to what the tour guide had to say. We even took a family photo in front of the boat. It's one of my favorite pictures of my family and I.

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See what kind of fun memories you could be missing out on by not going on a ferry ride? I made things really easy for you, I compiled a list of the Top 10 Boat Tours on the Hudson River according to Tripadvisor. Check it out and plan out your spring and summer activities now!

10 Best Boat Tours on the Hudson River According to Tripadvisor

According to Tripadvisor, these are the Top 10 Best Boat Tours on the Hudson River.

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