Many students enjoyed the visit and there was a special message behind it. Sometimes it's the way a message is delivered that makes it more memorable. I remember being a kid and teachers would try to teach us something over and over again, but it just wouldn't stick. A BMX star recently visited students in Ellenville and he taught them a lesson that they will never forget.

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Who visited the Ellenville Central School District?

He's very impressive, Chris Poulos is a BMX star, youth motivational speaker and an aspiring author. Not only is he impressive on his bike, but he tries to teach powerful lessons on character education, anti-bullying and core values. It's very important to him to educate the youth on becoming better people in his own unique way.

What happened during his visit to the Ellenville Central School District?

Ellenville Central School District Facebook/Canva
Ellenville Central School District Facebook/Canva

He visited on December 5th and showed off his impressive skills to students from kindergarten to 6th grade. During one of his lessons, he even soared over some teachers who were laying on the floor before him.

Could you imagine seeing that as a student?

Chris tried to show students the importance of patience, listening to others, accepting help and using failures as a learning lesson. He also asked students to please remember one thing and that is "treating others the way you want to be treated". I think we all need a reminder about that lesson.

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According to the post by the Ellenville Central School District Facebook, students were having a great time during his visit and during his stunts, many "oooh and ahhhhs" were heard, Thank you Chris Poulos for going above and beyond and showing the world being kind looks like.

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