This looks like a match made in heaven... popcorn and roller skating are coming (back) to Accord, NY!

Skate Time 209, the former roller rink and skate park in Accord, NY has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the past few years. After a rebrand to "Neighborhood 209" was interrupted by the arrival of COVID-19, many wondered if there would ever be skating in lower Ulster County ever again. We now have an answer.

Skate Time 209 back in 2012 (Google)
Skate Time 209 back in 2012 (Google)

BjornQorn and Skate Time 209 in Accord, NY

In a surprise partnership, BjornQorn, the Kerhonkson-based snack food that has been slowly taking over the Northeast in recent years, is moving forward with new plans that will not only expand their storage and production facilities, but will finally allow wheels to hit the wood once again at Skate Time... with a few changes.

How the Partnership will Work

The size of the building is what makes this new endeavor possible. Co-owners Bjorn Quenemoen and Stephanie Bauman will replace Skate Time's skate park with their popcorn factory (that's the technical term, right?) while the rink will remain untouched and will be refreshed for their grand opening. They will also be dropping "209" from Skate Time's name.

The Skate Time building was up for sale until a match was made in heaven (Google)
The Skate Time building was up for sale until a match was made in heaven (Google)

Plans for the Future

Consider the "new" Skate Time building as a reverse mullet: party in the front, business in the back. While it's a no-brainer that BjornQorn will be available at the snack bar, there are also plans to bring some 21+ options as well with wine and beer service. Skating is resuming in just a few short days.




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When Roller Skating is Returning to Skate Time in Accord, NY

"Skate Time is Back", reads the relaunched Instagram page of Skate Time, @skatetimeny. Roller skating will be available on weekends beginning March 4th and 5th, and for a former Accord, NY resident like myself, I couldn't be happier.

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Skate Time 209 opened during the decade I spent away from the Hudson Valley, but I celebrated from afar when something as awesome as a roller rink opened in my tiny hometown and was quietly sad when it closed its doors. I can't wait to lace up in March to celebrate one of the coolest business fusions to happen in the Hudson Valley in recent memory.

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