The new proposed budget from New York Governor Kathy Hochul should make public school officials very happy.

Earlier this week, Governor Hochul presented her proposed state budget for 2024 and that budget includes an increase in funding for public schools.

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According to the proposed budget, $34.5 billion dollars will be available for School Aid statewide in 2024. This would be the highest level of State aid ever budgeted. This proposal represents a year-to-year increase of $3.1 billion or about 10% more compared to the state budget in 2023.

Also included in the $34.5 Billion dollars is $2.7 billion dollar Foundation Aid increase, a $125 million expansion of funding for full-day pre-kindergarten, and a $267 million dollar increase in all other School Aid programs including expense-based aids, categorical aids, and competitive grants.

The budget also calls for a $10 million investment over two years for funding to school districts, BOCES, and community colleges to develop strategic workforce plans that promote job readiness across the State.

Money from the budget would also be used to provide college-level courses in high schools, through the Smart Scholars Early College High School and Pathways in Technology Early College High School programs, which allow students to earn college credit in high school.

Overall the proposed budget from Governor Hochul calls for $43.9 billion dollars to be used for the State Education Department. That is an increase of $2.9 billion dollars in funding from the 2023 budget that was passed last year.

You can see the breakdown of the budget HERE.

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