It's been a minute since we've heard from our favorite Hudson Valley bipedal.

Bigfoot sightings and encounters have been a common occurrence in the Hudson Valley over the last several years. For instance who could forget that bone-chilling encounter out in the Hyde Park area in 2020?

The Hyde Park resident told Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley's Gayle Beaty about the encounter that took place while doing some yard work. Beaty described the encounter in detail writing:

After dumping the wheelbarrow, it dropped down which made a loud bang. Suddenly, from approximately 50' away she sees and hears something crashing through the thick vegetation parting the brush towards Her.The creature then jumped in the tree above her, leaving her in shock and disbelief. The creature then began using its arms to swing from tree to tree moving away from her. She described it as very large and moving through the trees like a monkey.

The Hyde Park woman also stated the creature stood "6-7' tall with long arms and was a reddish-brown color."

Beaty has caught another possible Bigfoot case, this time in Orange County. According to a social media post by the Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley Facebook page, Bigfoot is getting into hair braiding. Beaty writes:

A new report from Orange County just in! The homeowner said they have been hearing wood knocking and rock clacking. She also said something got into her barn and moved her hay around, she said it had to be a large animal. This braiding of the mane is very common not only in the US but around the world. I was also told that her friend who lives in the area is having activities as well.

Knocking and clacking noises are common calls in the Bigfoot world according to reports.

Beaty shared the photos of the reported mane braiding on the Facebook page as well, take a look:

Could it be Bigfoot? Let us know what you think in the comment section or through the station's mobile app.

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