Some of us haven't been on a bicycle in years. I am included in that statistic however I am tempted to get back out there now that we have so many rail trails to ride on.

Walking on the trails around the Hudson Valley can be fun but biking around them can add adventure. Riding a bike might mean you end up going farther than you would on foot. Getting back on a bike after being off for a while can involve a few things some of which you can solve simply by finding a bicycle shop near you.

Where to Rent a Bike in the Hudson Valley, New York

If you haven't ridden in a while you might need a refresher so a flat wide trail possibly paved may be the way to go. I am sure after the first few minutes it will all come back to you as the saying goes. Learning to ride again might not be the biggest challenge you have to overcome.

Bike Depot New Paltz via Google
Bike Depot New Paltz via Google

Finding a bike or getting your old bike repaired or re-fitted could be the thing that slows you down. Shops such as Bicycle Depot in New Paltz, Hudson Bike Company in Highland, or one of Bikeway's five locations around the Hudson Valley can help you out.

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Bicycle technology has come a long way since I learned to ride a bike. In my day you had to do all the pedaling there was no such thing as an electric bike. Nowadays you can pretty much get a bike that is custom designed for what you want to accomplish. You can get a bike that will set you up for a leisurely ride or you can get one that will take you out on some of the Hudson Valley's most treacherous trails.

Places that Repair Bicycles in the Hudson Valley

Knowing what you want to do with your bike is important but once you know finding a place in the area to get you to that goal is easier than you think. The eco-tourism boom in New York has led to there being a great selection of bicycle shops all over the Hudson Valley.

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Looking for a Bicycle Shop in Hudson Valley, New York

Bicycle Shops in the Hudson Valley

If you want to go biking in the Hudson Valley but aren't sure where you can rent a bike or take a bike tour you will want to check out these places for the answers. Some of these shops are also great places to get your current bicycle fixed or even updated.

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