Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry, I guess that's not the most sensitive way to start an article about living single, but don't worry, if you're looking for love in New York, I come bearing good news.

WalletHub recently released 2020's Best and Worst States for Singles, and using categories like "Dating Economics", "Dating Opportunities", and "Romance and Fun", ranked every one of our fifty states for our date-less brethren. Before we jump into the results, let's explore the data points in a little more detail. Also (spoiler alert), just be glad you don't live in West Virginia.

How hard... or easy is it to be single in New York? (René Ranisch/Unsplash)
How hard... or easy is it to be single in New York? (René Ranisch/Unsplash)

"Dating Opportunities"

This category combined online dating opportunities with the percentage of mobile phone owners in the state (to actually use the dating apps), as well as "gender balance of singles", and even "openness to relationships".

"Dating Economics"

This category looked at the average cost of classic date activities like movie tickets and cocktails, grooming costs like haircuts and salon visits (have to look sharp on a first date), as well as income.

"Romance and Fun"

A date is more than just the person who you take. This category looked at everything there is to do in each state, including numbers of parks, museums, restaurants, and even gyms and annual music festivals.

New York's Score

So, where did we fall? Let's go category by category, and end with our total ranking score.

Looking at the "opportunities" category, New York came in 1st in the nation. Not a big surprise: we are pretty technology-forward, and especially when including New York City, there are literally millions of mobile phone owners who are just raring to use them to hook up.

The economics category is where we took a big hit, with New York coming in 49th. That's right, second-to-last, just above California. Again, especially when including the city, this isn't surprising. Especially when you find out they included "average Starbucks Caffe Latte price" in this metric. I lived in Manhattan for six months last year, and I still remember the one-and-only occasion I was brave enough to drop over $5 on a coffee. I still regret it.

We may have sucked in the economics category, but we came roaring back with all of our activities. New York came in second for "romance and fun", thanks to the myriad activities to do in our state. Sure, NYC can brag about museums and concert venues, but the Hudson Valley has plenty to add, with our unbelievable parks, dining opportunities on the Hudson River, and attractions like Dia Beacon and Storm King.

Final Results

Even with our trash showing in economics, New York State was named the 2nd best state to live for singles in 2022. California came in first, and Florida took the bronze. The bottom three? Sorry, North Dakota, Arkansas, and West Virginia.

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